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In 2017 we celebrate 5 years, and we celebrate it at the Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporània. Since the first edition the number of participating artists has increased considerably, and also, the quality and quantity of the works. This year is a special call for us, because for the first time, we entered a museum, in an authentic Center of Contemporary Culture, which has bet for you and for us. Will you participate? Cheer up! Between all we will do Posquins!


The fourth edition was presented on December 16 in Espacio Tapinearte, in the heart of the city of Valencia, the Ciutat Vella neighborhood. 225 artists participated and the number of works surpassed 3000. Antonio Barroso presented I Posquin You to Luis Viguer and Mar Ballester, directors of the gallery, who enthusiastically welcomed this new call. A larger exhibition space made possible the presence of more creations, and the installation of more innovative proposals that, starting from the post-it, formed compositions of greater dimensions. After the presentation text of the curators, Maria Carballo and Xus Francés; from the lnstitut of Creativity and Educational Innovations of the Universitat de València, art critic Ricard Silvestre: “Ars brevis, vita longa”, defended the immensity, the infinite, the beauty of the minimum, as a brief art, but of a long life , materialized in the posquins of so many and many creators.


The third edition will be inaugurated on December 11 in the Trentatres Gallery Café, in the Russafa district. 186 artists participated and more than 2000 works were presented. Julián Romero and Bartolomé Mata, as directors of the gallery, began the second edition of the catalog, giving way to the presentation articles of the curators, Maria Carballo and Xus Francés, and to the texts of the art critics: Carles Bernàcer, Toni Calderon and Fernando Lliso Bartual. The Holiday Inn Express company became the main sponsor of the event and one of the largest buyers of backpacks, acquired in order to be exposed to a large part of this chain of hotel establishments. The repercussion in the media was very considerable, the project could already be considered to be completely consolidated.


The second edition was held in Valencia between September 5 and 20, at Galería Cuatro. 141 artists participated in the exhibition and more than 1500 works were exhibited. Antonio Barroso, artistic director of the Galería Cuatro, José Garnería, director of MACVAC, and Chele Esteve, art critic; defended in the catalog this novel proposal. It was the first time that a publication reproduced a posquin of each participant. The curators, Maria Carballo and XusFrancés, in collaboration with Jorge Sellés, responsible for communication and audiovisual media; they moved to Valencia a young and dynamic sample, in progression.


The first edition was presented in Ontinyent, in the Exhibition Hall of the El Teler Shopping Center, on August 21. 72 artists participated and exhibited around 1000 paces. The exhibition has become a meeting point for creators, new collectors, illustrators, and art lovers, both inside and outside the city. At the inauguration, the curators, Maria Carballo and Xus Francés, explained the reasons: to establish bridges between the different actors of the artistic market, to respond to an economic crisis that was suffocating the world of arts, open doors to new illustrators that they had not had occasion to expose. And, at the same time, to offer the creators, an agile, economic and everyday support, in order to carry on their artistic production.


Posquin is a neologism that designates an artistically post-it paper. I Posquin You is a project started in 2013 by Maria Carballo and Xus Francés. The goal is to bring contemporary art closer to all kinds of audiences through creations in post-it support and at a reduced price. In addition, the proposal aims to bring together all the collectives: art critics, curators, photographers, illustrators, creators, collectors, etc., to create connections between them to support the work of artists and encourage them to a new type of art collecting. Posquins looks for the public to approach the art; It promotes a dialogue that fosters the interaction between the artist, the gallery owner and the public; Try to eliminate false barriers, leave behind the idea that art is only for an elite and start new paths of collecting. The premise, art low cost & take away, is maintained, in which all the works are for sale at a reduced price and can be acquired from the same day of the inauguration. This year, also through the internet.